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ð Read ð The Art of Presence by Eckhart Tolle × Once again, as with the previous Eckhart Tolle book I just recently read listened to, it had my attention It is engrossing, hard to explain, simple to understand, yet a lot of information to grasp and figure out It was calming to listen to while I commuted to from work I intend to revisit this book again to take it all in.
This is the first Eckhart Tolle book I was able to listen to, and I very quickly realized that I wanted to hear everything this man had to say The format is that of a recorded retreat rather than an actual writing While speaking to a group, he speaks slowly, and stops frequently to assess his words, and decide what to say next At first, I found this frustratingly slow In a very short time however, I found that I appreciated this pace It allowed me to absorb what he had said and and contemplate it before the next words came This book caused me to find everything else Eckhart Tolle has written, and I m very grateful for all of it.
Is It Possible That The Simple Act Of Being Is Not Actually That Simple That To Really Be Here Now Requires Practice, Like Any Other Skill Worth Learning On The Art of Presence,Eckhart Tolle Invites You To A Six Session Audio Retreat To Teach You How To Deepen The Moment To Moment Realization Of Your Essential Nature The Unified Consciousness That Lives In All ThingsWhat Is Your Relationship To The Present Moment When Eckhart Tolle Wrote His International Bestseller The Power Of Now,he Pointed Us In The Direction Of Something That S Always Been Right Under Our Noses Life In This Very InstantYet Why Do So Many Of Us Continue To Feel Like We Re Missing It Attention, He Teaches, Is The Answer A Quality Of Relaxed Alertness That You Can Progressively Sharpen And Sustain In So Doing, You Overcome The Judgments And Limitations Of The Mind Made Sense Of Self With Its Endless Stream Of Thoughts About Past And Future, And Find An Expanse Of Peace And Renewed Purpose In Each And Every MomentCourse Objectives Discuss Different Degrees Of Presence And Different Degrees Of Absence List Some Exercises You Can Do To Help You Achieve Presence Describe The Difference Between Quality And Quantity Describe Some Of The Feelings Of Presence Explain The Difference Between Presence And Absence Discuss Different Forms And Different Levels Of The Egoic Mind Describe The Pitfalls Of The Ego Identify Thoughts Of The Growing EgoOn The Art of Presence, Eckhart Guides You Through Than Seven Hours Of Transformational Insights That Allow Presence To Naturally Arise In You With His One Of A Kind Instruction, You Will Learn How To Ground Yourself In The Vibrancy Of Your Inner Body While Simultaneously Breaking Free From The Illusion Of Separation From The Outside World, How To Connect To The Perceiver Of All Your Experiences To Realize The Wisdom Of Spiritual Surrender, How To Access The Higher Intelligence That Empowers Right Action, And MuchDiscovering The Extraordinary In The OrdinaryIn Every Seemingly Ordinary Moment, Explains Eckhart, A Profound Depth And Beauty Awaits Your Discovery The Art of Presence Is Your Opportunity To Join Him For A Simple Retreat From The Chaos And Uncertainty Of The Story Of Your Life Into The Ever Expanding Awareness Of The Fullness Of Life In The Now A great follow up to the Power of Now.
There is no ART of Absence since we are usually absent from the NOW This is learning how to stay PRESENT in the NOW instead of rushing towards the future or reminiscing the past.
Listened to this seminar BLUF consciousness without thought via be ing in the now I didn t get it, and it was very poorly dubbed Eckhart is the funniest guy he knows though This release is considerablyaccessible than other live retreat recordings Eckhart s points are impacting, thoughtful and well articulated He pauses less than some engagements, and there are no music interludes a considerable plus I desired to give 5 stars, but did not for three reasons The questions from the audience are a bit lacking at the end of the session, although he turns them insightful regardless Secondly, his take on mental health and treatment borders on discounting medication, which may not bother others but I found detrimental to the content quality Lastly, his two main books are so meaningful to me that I reserved the highest rating just for them This session is, however, my favorite of his live appearances on Audible thus far.
My recommended order of listening for those interested in Tolle is The Power of NowA New EarthThe Art of PresencePracticing the Power of Now for

Very interesting audio book.
The bad audio quality was poor in places and tough to follow at times during my commute.
The good I was surprised at how funny this guy a German actually was It was a lotinteresting than I expected.
Not sure there are many tangible notes I can make but it was a contest and reminder to develop presence and awareness.
One note I did make It will do wonders if the next time someone is shouting at you, instead of shouting back at them you realise they are in pain, show compassion and try to help them.
Tolle runs a quite humoristic workshop, sometimes he s very funny, so much that I stopped in my tracks and started laughing out loud view spoiler little dogs with ego, angry voice asking for meditation hide spoiler eckhart is amazing no matter what his subject, refreshing.

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