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[Steven Donoso] ↠´ Returning The Gift [dictionaries PDF] Read Online ✓ A lover of all things spiritual and new age, I was immediately fascinated by the concept of this book, and fully intended reading and reviewing it when it first came in several months ago Life is, however, crazy and so apologies to the author for taking so longReturning The Gift Dialogues with Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Timothy Wilson and Laura Water, does exactly what it says on the packet The author starts each segment with a bio, information about the guru that he is planning on talking to, and why he is interested in that person, before having the conversation, and chronicling it, pretty much verbatim for the reader Now, while the conversations do throw up some fascinating insights and information, and are definitely worth reading, I found the style to be clunky and a little off putting The format of In this short book, Steven Donoso sits down with four influential people Eckhart Tolle, Timothy Wilson, Adyashanti, Laura Waters who practice what they preach and has a dialogue with them in the style of QA on subjects ranging from living in the here and now, peaceful coexistence, awakening to your true nature, and forgiveness and reconciliation Donoso s style of conversating is very casual yet intimate, capturing the essence of each speaker s message and teachings You get the sense they have been friends for a long time The questions he asks do not sound pre planned, but flow naturally with the pace of the conversation I like that he gives a brief introduction about each individual and provides the backdrop and setting of Returning The Gift Is An Inspiring Quartet Of Dialogues On Being At Peace Within Ourselves And The World, With Eckhart Tolle, Author Of TheNew York Times Bestseller The Power Of Now, On Living In The Present MomentAdyashanti, Spiritual Author And Oprah Super Soul Sunday Guest On Awakening To Your True NatureLaura Waters Hinson, Filmmaker And Director Of The Documentary As We Forgive, On Forgiveness And Reconciliation In RwandaTimothy Wilson, Former Director Of The Seeds Of Peace International Camp In Maine Which Works With Teens From Opposing Sides In War Torn Conflicts, On The Enemy Has A FaceIn Returning The Gift, Eckhart Tolle And Adyashanti Bring An Inner Perspective To Being At Peace Within Ourselves And How That Peace Is Reflected In The World Tim Wilson And Laura Waters Hinson Bring Their Perspective Of Working In The World With Individuals Who Have Been At War With One Another The Work Of Seeds Of Peace That Wilson Relates And The Experiences That Hinson Shares From The Reconciliation Process In Rwanda Are Breakthroughs In Letting Go Of Blaming And Hatred, Releasing Into A Vibrant Living Peace Beyond That Which We Imagine Possible The collection of dialogues that author Steven Donoso has put together in his book Returning The Gift are enlightening and inspirational Being very familiar with the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, reading the dialogues in Returning The Gift was a refresher to those teachings In it, Eckhart shines a light on the ways in which we create our own suffering When Eckhart 2013 talks about a conceptual sense of self and how it is threatened by other people p 6 , and our collective story of us our tribe, our religion, our nation p 7 , a couple of examples of how this gets played out, at the most extreme level, is the conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian people, as well as the Rwanda genocide, where Hutu extremists killed close to 3 4 s of the Tutsi civilian population Whether it is a conflict within families, communi Donoso has composed a book that is meant to be uplifting and inspiring to the readers by presenting the thoughts and teachings of several different interviewees Although I did not find the teachings of these people to be that inspirational, I feel that this is a reflection of my own personal opinion and does not reflect the writing of Donoso The interviews are very accessible and present the viewpoints of the speakers well.
Two of the interviews arespiritual in nature, as they present Tolle and Adyashanti two spiritual gurus who speak about being in the now and awakened I felt that some of their responses were extremely lengthy and would have been well served with some form of a break in them However, their teachings are very clear and easy to understand in the dialogue between them and Donoso The only thing that I did not enjoy was the fact that it becomes apparent that Donoso is alrea FINDING THE BALANCE Returning The Gift is a sweet little book that serves the reader well on several counts For one thing, it is a condensed package of wisdom from four different individuals with something to say, who have given their message in much larger doses elsewhere.
Two of these individuals are Westerners speaking from their own experience on a subject which traditionally comes from ancient Asian teachings the importance of being Present in the present moment, similar to Ram Dass exhortation to Be Here Now, derived from the Hindu yogic tradition Both Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti arrived at their inner realizations seemingly by chance, but both have matured in their experience to the point of being widely followed teachers I love the conversation with Tolle, which opens the bo If this philosophy about life is new material for you, it will challenge your ideas about hope which is not recommended , self, relationships and forgiveness The book is setup in an easy to follow Q A format It appears the author has kept the replies verbatim, which is good in the sense that nothing is left out, but bad in the sense that some of the answers are lengthy and redundant I would have seen portions edited down to the essential details Although I don t embrace the core philosophies as presented, I found it useful as a means to challenge what I think of as mainstream or traditional beliefs I found myself thinking, I accept this belief, but not that one Why Any book that makes me question why I believe as I do, forcing me to s

Steve Donoso has nice friends He shares them with us in this book of even tempered, quiet, and thoughtful conversations Donoso sits with Tolle, Wilson, Adyashanti, and Hinson and he disappears in the tradition of skilled interviewers allowing his words to advance the gifts his companions bring.
I read this straight through and it was like a visit with quiet friends who are also clear, awake, and engaged in meaningful service There s no preaching or grandstanding here merely speaking from heart and experience.
All four are good company and Donoso has done a good job of letting them speak about their being what they are, seeing what they see, unveiling what is helpful for our living in this world.
Tolle says, that Life and Now are one Wilson urges we not generalize that because one person does something everyone is like that Adyashanti adds, it s important to see that our Within 6 months, from Nov 2012 May 2013, I suffered a severely broken wrist and was unable to walk after being hit head on at high speed by a reportedly drunk male teenager his 14 year old female passenger died in the accident , my father suddenly died, my father in law had a severe stroke and died, and I ended up divorced The world didn t make sense any I was constantly thinking, and none of it was good Finding a way ahead for my daughter and me while not becoming bitter and labeling all men as bad was a struggle.
Having already stumbled on Eckart Tolle s writings, I had begun to see how my mind was working against me Reading Returning The Gift has given me another perspective The book is not only a discussion on conceptualization, separateness and the ego with Eckart and Adyashanti, but it s a book about real life examples of those conceptualizations being broken down The question a Steve Donoso s book, Returning The Gift Dialogues with Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Timothy Wilson and Laura Waters Hinson is filled with great wisdom The four people Donoso chose to interview will show you the good that is in this world Donoso is an excellent interviewer and asks all the questions you would, plus so manythat you wouldn t even think of I learned so much about presence, forgiveness, compassion and love in this book.
The section on Eckhart Tolle was amazing I love how Donoso describes him Eckhart s presence is powerful, though, not in an overt way His isof silence in room full of noise Eckhart Tolle is one of the most spiritual men in the world right now only second to the Dalai Lama This dialogue will inspire you to becomepresent in your life It will help you understand how to reduce normal human compulsive thinking The joyous humor between Donoso and Eckhart is

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