Trailer Ë The Calm Center PDF by ã Steve Taylor

Trailer Ë The Calm Center PDF by ã Steve Taylor These poems can be life changing My favorites The Voice Inside Your Head The Shock You Don t Have to Think and Death, The Mysterious Sttanger This little book has Presence.
Steve Taylor s eighth book and, like all of his others, should rest either on your night table for private viewing or on your coffee table to be shared with loved ones who appreciate the connection between poetry and spiritual musings His latest book is packed with universal wisdom to ponder, reflect on, and integrate into a seeker s life Taylor has an innate knack for articulating what we all feel but may be unable to express Each poem needs to be read and savored like a fine piece of chocolate Taylor s sageness, coupled with his poetic sensibilities, not only makes this an easy read, but one that needs to be read over and over, since with each reading comes a new revelation The introduction by Eckhart Tolle deftly states that many ancient scriptures were either considered poetry or on the border of poetry and prose This book may well become one of those classics that future

Like Mr Rogers for adults Recommended.
Endorsements If you open yourself to their transformative power each piece will work its magic within you from the introduction by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment and A New Earth Awakening to Your Life s Purpose Every now and then a book appears that adds beautiful drops to the stream of ineffable wisdom that has flowed through the ages The Calm Center is such a book It opens a path to the authentic self Elizabeth Lesser, author of Broken Open How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow and cofounder of Omega Institute Transcendent yet grounded, profound yet simple, timeless yet refreshingly new Steve Taylor s book takes flight and lifts us up, up, up beyond ourselves Arjuna Ardagh, author of The Translucent Revolution How People Just Like You Are Waking Up and Changing the World The Calm Center calls us back, encourages us on the j Very peaceful This book is perfect for reading before bed The author place great emphasis on mindfulness and the present moment in poetic form.
UK Based Steve Taylor Has Caught The Eye Of US And International Audiences Because Of His Ability To Make Enlightenment If Not Easy, At Least Accessible The Simple, Stirring, And Poetic Reflections Here Comfort, Inspire, And Gently Bring Readers Out Of The Harried, Hectic Day To Day And Back To The Bedrock Of Peace, And Even Joy, Of Our True, Essential, And Authentic Selves He Shows How This Is Possible When We Direct Our Awareness Out Of Chaos And Into Calm In So Doing We Learn To Access The Present Moment Of Any Day, As Taylor Writes At The books Beginning The Only Place When The Future Is Full Of Dreadand The Past Full Of Regret, Where Can You Take Refuge Except The Present When Maelstroms Of Tormenting Thoughtspush Back The Barricades Of Your Sanity, The Present Is The Calm Center Where You Can Rest And Slowly, As You Rest Therethe Niggling Thoughts And Fears Dissolvelike Shadows Shrinking Under The Midday Sununtil You Dont Need Refuge Any The Present Is The Only Placewhere There Is No Thought Created Pain The Present Is The Only Place I only read this because it said Selected and introduced by Eckhart Tolle Well, I should definitely bemindful of the sponsored content I decide to click on and buy purchased on my kindle.
Regardless, this was a bunch of poems about being mindful, and a bunch of different mindfulness principles such as compassion, the transience of everything in life, and death.
While there were 2 3 poems I thought were nice to read, and I even highlighted them for my own pleasure I have to say, this was definitelyof a Chicken Soup for the soul type of book Excerpts to brighten your jolly day, and remind you of something unimportant in a sensationalistic kind of way.
Would I recommend this for a good read No Would I recommend this if you are woo woo mindfulness spirits and energy yoga pants I might Not my cup of tea from an objectivity standpoint, but not so boring as to stop reading after 5

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