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[ Read Online Eckhart Tolle  gamebooks PDF ] by Sophia Franklin ✓ TIME LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER PRICE This Book Contains Proven Steps And Strategies On How To Elevate Your Life To A Higher Plane Of Existence Eckhart Tolle Is An Insightful Observer Of What Makes The Human Condition And His Words Ring True On A Very Deep Level There Are Fourteen Facets Of A Person S Life That Are Discussed In This Book From The Basics To The Advanced, Each Step Is Looked At Individually And Arranged In A Way That Allows The Reader To Perfect One Before Moving On To The Next A Number Of Eckhart S Observations Come From His Years Of Study Into The Teachings Of Christ And Buddha The Combination Of Sources Gives New Life To His Work And Makes The Teachings Relevant To Today To Change Your Life, This Is A Great Place To Start TIME LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER PRICE my own faultI should have looked at who the author was, it isn t Eckhart Tolle This book Does Not capture the teachings and is loaded with typos

Did not enjoy this book, repetitious and boring Has nothing new to say following Tolle s The Power of Now Franklin quotes Tolle, obviously, but has her own views which at times seem quite distant from Tolle As another reader has pointed out it is full of typos.
Needs editingIf you already read The Power of Now, I don t really feel that this book adds anything profound And the typos almost became too much for me Did the author not edit it

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