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[Steve Taylor] ê The Leap [monrovia PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ Many Assume That Enlightenment Is The Result Of Arduous Effort Self Denial Such As Fasting, Travel To Far Flung Places, Encounters With Teachers Thought To Be Enlightened Themselves But Here, Steve Taylor Shows That Ordinary People From All Walks Of Life And Every Age And Place Can And Do Regularly Experience The Kind Of Life Changing Moments Many Of Us Seek Taylor Seeks Out The Common Features Of These Diverse Experiences His Resulting Cross Cultural Investigation Of Spirituality, Belief, And Human Psychology Shows How Spiritual Awakening A Shift Into A Expansive And Harmonious State Of Being Can Be Both Recognized And Cultivated How Is It Triggered And Experienced How Do People Feel In The Midst How Are Their Relationships And Goals Affected Because The Experiences Taylor Describes Are At Once Unique To Those Who Experience Them And Obviously Available To One And All, This Is The Rare Work That Both Describes And Inspires A very thorough study of the phenomenon of spiritual enlightenment This book gives the spiritual seeker a framework with which to understand their journey and also a mirror to reflect their experiences.
Great overview of what it means to be awakened I don t know exactly how awakened I truly am, but this is certainly accurate Awakened individuals love doing nothing They love solitude, quietness, and inactivity We can rest contentedly within our own being because there is no turbulence or discord inside us We don t need to constantly do things just for the sake of it or constantly supply ourselves with distractions Rather than fear quietness and inactivity, we enjoy them deeply because they allow us to touch into the radiance of our own well being.

This was a really informative and fascinating read Only a couple things held me back from giving it five stars one of the earlier chapters on religions and spiritual practices was major information overload and could turn some people off early it s the only chapter that feels really dense and could easily be skipped , and often the book reads like a dissertation which may be unexpected for some I personally enjoy reading research material so the style was fine for me Overall, a really great explanation of our spiritual awakening as a species, particularly due to its layout and the order in which concepts are presented to the reader.
This book answered my many questions about awakening I was curious ever since learning about Eckhart Tolle I assumed it was a rare occurrence but have since learned differently This is also the first book that I ve read that adequately addresses kundalini awakening We as a species are on the leading edge of another evolutionary moment and it s astounding.

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