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[ Pdf The Journey into Yourself Ü love-inspired PDF ] by Eckhart Tolle ¿ Nice book As always from Tolle, a very interesting descent into one s inner world, the pain body and the power of Now It s down to us whether we take the journey.
This retreat and his teachings is both funny and enlightening.
The Journey into Yourself By Eckhart Tolle Is An Eight CD,Hour Presentation Of A Retreat Given By Tolle To Retreat Means To Step Back Not Only From The Outer World, But Also From The World In Your Head, The Thinking Mind This Retreat Welcomes You To The Silence Within It Gives The Listener An Opportunity To Experience The Now As It Is, To Realize Its Formless Essence As Consciouness Itself 3.
5 stars.
It seems a bit weird to be giving Eckhart Tolle anything but five stars I like to make sure to listen to these at least a few times a year I think the reason it s not a five star for me is because I ve heard these types of thoughts teachings several times and there wasn t much new here for me.
That doesn t mean it wasn t life changing the first time around and it also doesn t mean I don t get value out of it every single time I read that someone said his calming voice is soothing and wonderful for them but for me, it has a bit of the opposite effect I tend to prefer Tara Brach or Sharon Salzberg because I connect with their voices right away Also Karen Maezen Miller But this might be the one better suited for you I think when Ditch the ego As this is a recording of a retreat, it is not as concise as a book should be I felt it wasrambling then powerful.
Very deep and rich This was a good dialogue with daily practice to being present I liked it, it was funny, realistic and simple even though simple is not easy.

I listened to this book over several months I would take it in small doses to give myself time to absorb and apply these thoughtful teachings to everyday situations It was uncanny how I often seemed to hear what I needed to hear at that very moment in my life It has completely changed how I face life s difficult situations I highly recommend it, especially to those like me who had trouble dealing with frustrating situations and people I strive to no longer get worked up about these situations but accept and face them calmly and patiently.
What an incredible experience it must be to be in his presence on a retreat I get ridiculous goosebumps and an ecstatic shivering over my head when I hear him talk This has to be done as an audible You really get a sense of his joyfulness in this unlike his reading from his books and he has real comic timing Spiritual practice should be fun or you re doing it wrong I thoroughly enjoyed this and gained much from the wisdom he speaks.

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