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[Eckhart Tolle] ✓ Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from The Power of Now [yuri PDF] Read Online ✓ Tolle has a way of giving meaning to life by using exercises, meditations and essential teachings many based on Eastern philosophies to bring peace, balance and harmony into our lives The goal is to be able to bring about and sustain an enlightened state of consciousness in our immediate existence I m particularly attracted to the Budhist, Hindu, and Taoist notion of no self , relinquishing the ego so that life s challenges do not impact you, rather you flow through and around them In my opinion, this philosophy embodies what self confidence wants to be when it grows up.
What a gem So mucheasy going than the original Ought to be read once a month or whenever you need peace of mind You dont even have to read from one end to the other The headings allow you to reflect on the areas of your life where you need inner peace For once repetition actually benefits the reader instead of annoying you Highly highly recommended.

This book contains many strategies to help us lead a richer,satisfying life In many ways it s the work journal or exercise of Tolle s previous work, however it contains many quotable lines which you want to come back to Here are a couple To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in time the compulsion to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipationthe past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillmentBoth are illusions p.
31 Wherever you are, be there totally Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there It s the split that tears you apart inside p.
50 I read this book in one sitting, however because of its mantra like repetition of key concepts, I think it would be better to dip into it from time to time, reminding oneself of the need to take time beautiful book Although this is the companion workbook to The Power of Now, which was published in 1997, my familiarity with the material and many of the processes have enabled me to read through it all in a couple of hours From this point of view I can agree with Tolle s suggestion in the introduction that it is an Introduction to the grander version in his previous book However, it is still quite a substantial volume for a beginning of awareness for anyone who has not had any prior experience of this kind of work.
My suggestion would be that a newcomer to the idea of meditation or mind awareness would benefit from reading through the volume reasonably quickly, perhaps jotting a few notes of the pages which seem most difficult to connect with Then a second reading allowing plenty of time to practice the exercises will allow thefamiliar and the less familiar to bala Practicing the Power of Now is a handy companion to Eckhart s wildly popular The Power of Now Essentially, Practicing the Power of Now contains the same information as in the first book However, I have to say that I prefer this format The first book was written in a question answer format These questions came from the author s students He also included amalgamated questions that covered a variety of common queries These question and answer sessions gradually took the reader from common perception through to an understanding of the illusions that we generally accept as real and the importance of the present moment Practicing the Power of Now is written in formalized chapters summarizing much of the material written that first book such as being and enlightenment the origin of fear, I wish someone had told me that this was not new content from Eckhart Tolle, it is basically an abridged version of The Power of Now So it s obviously very good, but not worth buying if you just barely finished The Power of Now and are looking for .
i don t know what to think, man it s not that the basis of this isn t sound Suffering comes from resistance wishing that circumstances were other than they were, insisting that something shouldn t be happening Suffering comes from living in the past, or the future But there are other books a fuckton of other books that can guide you through this Tolle wouldn t be the first writer I d suggest to someone interested in dealing with life challenges in a way that brings you peace.
Because that whole binary gender only completed by opposite energy polarity thing Yeah, nah Fuck that On the other hand, I ve been meaning to read this for twenty years, and I feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing I finally did whether or not it was worth the wait.
Eckhart Tolle Is Rapidly Emerging As One Of The World S Most Inspiring Spiritual Teachers, Sharing The Enlightenment He Himself Experienced After A Startling Personal Transformation His Views Go Beyond Any Particular Religion, Doctrine, Or Guru This Book Extracts The Essence From His Teachings In The Power Of Now, Showing Us How To Free Ourselves From Enslavement To The Mind The Aim Is To Be Able To Enter Into And Sustain An Awakened State Of Consciousness Throughout Everyday Life Through Meditations And Simple Techniques, Eckhart Shows Us How To Quiet Our Thoughts, See The World In The Present Moment, And Find A Path To A Life Of Grace, Ease, And Lightness

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